Thursday, 30 October 2008

These started off as cereal boxes.I painted them with acrylic paint and sprinkled cheap glitters over them .when dry I painted some cheap varnish on top and sprinkled more glitter on until they were fully covered.There is probably a better method and I will play about when I have time. They cut easily through the cuttlebug and the glitter stays on. I have cut some frame shapes using the 'bug which I will use in a scrapbook....eventually.

I wasn't keen on stamping before I discovered the lovely Tilda and Edwin but love using them as they are so easy and versatile. I am becoming addicted now.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

These are postcard size encaustics, done in the first week I had the kit. I had no instruction book then and just played about with it. I tend to still do that as I find it easier.I have the book now but I think its best to go with whatever suits the individual.

Encaustic Art ATCs

I was recently given an Encaustic Art kit. Encaustic art is basically painting with hot wax using a special iron. I absolutely love it and these are 3 Atcs which I swapped with Trimcraft friends.

I enjoy doing decoupage and this fairy card was one of my early attempts. The dog was a first try at a card for a man. The Tilda was a more recent one.