Wednesday, 19 November 2008

winter encaustic

I did this one to use as a background on winter cards. It scans well so I am keeping the original. If any of my friends wants to use it feel free to copy it.


June said...

Oh May this is gorgeous and thanks for your generosity. I will save and use and if i make something with it i shall point you in the right direction :) thanks for your lovely comments and the news about the cuttlebug. I am thinking of getting a cuttlebug but it will have to be a christmas prezzie but they are so useful. Been wanting one for ages lol. And i hadn't a clue they did jigsaw cuts for it.

Hope you are well my friend
Hugs J x

June said...

Hi May thanks its lovely. I wrote a p[ost then think it didnt send so this is the second. What a beautiful encaustic. I will definitely save for using, you are really kind. thanks for the tip on the jigsaw for cuttlebug. i am hoping to get a cuttlebug for christmas :)
Hugs June xxx

Pattie said...

Thanks May its so beautiful i couldnt resist lol
Hope you are well xx