Thursday, 18 December 2008

A watercolour sketch of Sunny the lovely Sheltie who shared our lives for nearly 13 years. he has been gone a long time now but will never be forgotten. I think of him a lot at this time of year.
I know I'm not very good at painting, couldn't afford lessons, just feeling a bit sentimental about him today.


Deborah said...

It's beautiful, May. I don't know why you say you can't paint! :-)

As for the melting pot, it is pot that plugs in and heats up so you can safely melt beeswax, dip things in ultra thick embossing powder or bake polymer clay, poor things into moulds (among other things. It's made by ranger who also do Tim Holtz and Adirondack stuff.

June said...

May this is stunning and what happened to this 'new self praise' lol Dave was right, you need to pat yourself on the back more ... and i will if you do lol.
I love this beautiful picture and you certainly have talent. I could never do something like that in a hundred years. I really am in awe of those who can draw so well. I also can see why you miss your beloved pet. he is lovely.
Thanks for your kind comments too, i always love hearing from you
Have been so poorly lately and keep spending the odd hour catching up on pc but not a lot else, even crafting has fallen back a bit. still i feel much more like my old self today so really pleased. I think it was the charity run on monday that caused it all but hoping to be fit again for christmas :)
Hugs June x

Pattie said...

This is just wonderful May,the one who says she cant paint lol,animals are hard to do,you have certainly mastered it !
Happy Christmas xx

MayJay said...

Wow, Thank you all very much, such positive comments from three of my most admired artists. I am so proud to have received them. To be fair, my confidence is improving. I did that 15 years ago and no-one outside the family has ever seen it until now. I had never displayed any of my stuff before this year.
Thanks for the info Deb. It sounds like fun.
My drawing skills are very rusty as I hav'nt done any for years. I think I am going to have to get my sketchbook out more and start practicing again.
Love to you all. Mayxx

Leanne said...

Wow May, its really outstanding and beautiful!
Leanne :o)

Jane said...

Its a beautiful painting. Can't paint, you most definately can!!

Jane :0)

Piddawinkle said...

May what are you like that is a great painting, I however cant draw to save my life, on a sliding scale I am probably at an 8 year old's level, LOL

cant wait for my melt pot, in fact nearly christmas and then we can get back to the important things in life like crafting, LOL

wishing you and your family a great festive season, speak soon, Siobhan

Trish said...

May that is just beautiful. :) trish

Josephine said...

hello may how are you and dave? This painting is Fantasic more of your talents shining through ..

June said...

Hiya May, You remember a while back when we talked about alcohol inks ? Well i have half a dozen colours now as been trying to get them when i can. You recommended the stream one and i bought it today. Thanks May its lovely. I used a little today with another colour on some stampbord which i also bought and love. I have added to my blog :)
Hope your weekend is going well my friend
Hugs June x