Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I have belatedly picked up this lovely award from my friend Heike. Thank you Heike. Sorry I am useless at linking and will need help from my Claire to finish the job and link it and choose who to pass it to. I think I can manage the 5 things about me.
1 Is obvious, I am useless at blogging, but trying hard.
2 I am addicted to crafting now but when she got me started I told my daughter she was mad to spend so much on a hobby.
3 I think I am almost as bad as she is at spending money on stash.
4 My family mean the world to me.
5 I hate driving.


June said...

Hi May, aww its good to see and hear from you again my friend. I do hope everyone is recovering and all is ok at the moment. I too have had some stuff going on which i think you know about ... what a year huh ?
Anyway ... loving this cd album its gorgeous and looks a lot of work too. You clever lady !!
Hugs June xxx

Spyder said...

These are soooo clever! I have something on my blog for you, you will find it here

June said...

Hi May i am glad you got over the swine flu my friend, I am not brilliant as having a bad time with health but coping better than i expected and staying positive about the future
hugs June xxx

Liz said...

Hello May Lovely to see you I hope the New Year is better for you health wise Very rarly go onto Trimmie now no time with this blogging lark but lovely to see you!

Liz x

Liz said...

Forgot to wish you a happy healthy new year

Liz xx