Sunday, 22 August 2010

melt art roses

The tutorial for this is in the latest issue of Craft Stamper magazine.
They were fun to make, and not difficult to do.
I have recently discovered Craft Stamper and wish I had found it a long time ago as its a brilliant magazine.
I was getting very bored with my regular craft mag. which was mostly cards and just seems to be sticking to the same old formats with newer papers. Igot really disillusioned with them when they did a short "interview" with Tim Holtz and obviously asked one of their team to design some cards using his products. She was definately not a fan as her cards were as dull as ditchwater.


TAM said...

Great flowers and fabulous frame you've added them to.
Like you I really enjoy Craft Stamper magazine - as you say there is more originality in it - especially if you are into doing altered art.

Piddawinkle said...

hi May, yes Craft Stamper is the only one i buy now, think the others are more suited to the newer, less adventurous crafter, better not go on, but you know what I mean . . .

Bedecked Beads said...

Wow these are brilliant roses! I always used to buy Craft Stamper too, when I was doing