Tuesday, 27 January 2009

I have been tagged by Sandra.
The rules are that you go to your photo albums on your pc, open the 6th album, choose the 6th picture and explain what its about. This is mine and it just happens to be a favourite picture of my cat Lucky. He died last January age 16. We miss him a lot.
He was named Lucky by my daughter as she said we were lucky to get him as he was originally going to someone else. he was such a feisty kitten that the rest of us said he was lucky we kept him.
He was such a beautiful cat. We had 2 dogs during his lifetime and they both adored him. Ben, our only surviving pet, misses him still.
Anyway, I now have to tag 5 others.
1 Claire
2 Julie
3 June
4 Nicola
5 Siobhan
I have also been tagged for this by my friend Pattie. If you have not visited her blog, go look, its a real treat. Pattie was an artist by profession and it shows, her work is outstanding.

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June said...

Awww May this is lovely. What lovely animals and your story about the toys made me fill up

Thanks for tagging me and i shall add a blog soon for this one
Hugs June xx