Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The tag set me off down memory lane and I decided to post some pics of the pets. First we had Sunny the Sheltie who was the most beautiful and happy dog ever, If ever a name was appropriate it was his. He adored cats and was overjoyed when Lucky arrived.
Lucky set the pecking order straight away, as you see he was the boss right from the start. Next came the beautiful Misty. she was an abused kitten and was terrified of children.My youngest was 15 but the local kids understood and used to visit singly until she was used to them all and cured of her fear. Sunny mothered her, he was an old dog by then and she missed him dreadfully when he died. That night I was in bed crying and she came and laid every toy she had on my pillow. She died of a brain tumor about 2 yrs ago when she was 14.
Next came Ben. The cats were very wary of this little black tornado who couldn't have been more different to the lovely laid back Sunny. They soon got used to each other and Lucky and Ben were inseperable for the later part of Luckys life. Now Ben is the old man and is almost 15 and blind.He has become very nervous since his sight deteriorated and from being extremely friendly to both humans and animals he has become nervous of all strangers. He misses his cats and its sad to see him so nervy. He is our last pet and we shall miss him dreadfully when his time is up.

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Dawn said...

Awww May they are so gorgeous and what a wonderful life you gave them all - Sunny was so handsome and lucky too!
Bringing tears to my eyes about the toys on your bed! Sniff!!
I think we are blessed sometimes to have such wonderful companions in our lives.....
It's a shame Ben has got so scared - bless his furry paws...