Sunday, 1 March 2009

Here are a few more encaustic cards that I did this week.


Jane said...

Wow lovely cards, very dream like.

Jane :0)

June said...

May thanks so much for your words of support and care about my son Adam. I have Hayden , his little boy here today :) Adam is continuing to improve and just taking one day at a time. I love your new encaustics May and that third one is the most beautiful, peaceful scene i have seen for a long time, i culd just sit and look at it for ages.
I hope you are ok and your lovely family too
Hugs June xxx

June said...

Aww thanks May that was a lovely message :) Andrea has just been to pick H up .. I am rushing to get tea done now lol ... Thanks for being there my friend , its lovely that you chose me at TC I think i would definitely choose you too especially if i could play with your encaustics ehehe :) I will get back to trimcraft at some point soon i hope

Hugs J x

Deborah said...

Hi May. Your encaustic art never ceases to amaze me; it is beautiful.

Nicola said...

Wow these are gorgeous May, I wouldnt know where to start.
Left a little something on my blog for you. -x-

June said...

May I can not believe i now own this wonderfully peaceful and beautiful card. I bought a frame the other day for it thinking i will alter the frame so it tones nicely with the card. I am not sure if i will need to alter the size of the card slightly but i want to keep it where i can enjoy its beauty and peace often. I shall photograph the finished framed one when i get time to alter the frame and will send you a pic. Thanks again May ... this is more special than you know
Hugs June x