Monday, 16 March 2009

My friend Andrea from the Trimcraft forum came up with the idea for these "Roundies" which have a 4inch circle base. They have really caught everyones imagination. Here are some I have made.
The orange and yellow flowers were from a decorative spray of artificial flowers that cost me £1. I got 30 flowers on the spray. Backing yellow flowers were a mag. freebie.


LavenderCards said...

lovely roundies May. I have bught flowers in that way as well. you get loads on a stem for £1.00. got three lots by my desk.

June said...

Hi May, these are really cute. Love what you achieved with them.
How are you ? I hope all is good and you are ok. I had a day at home today, it was lovely and even managed a painting.
May your beautiful encaustics arrived. I have a lovely small collection of them now :) thank you so much. I do adore these. I will be 50 in the summer and i have asked everyone to get me vouchers for the art shop so hopefully i might buy the encaustic making things and try it out myself. I havent decided of course as there are so many things i would like craft wise hehe. But i definitely will one day.
Adam is doing ok and we just have to keep reminding him not to overdo things. He is a typical young man, wanting to get back to normal asap ... i have to ask him to keep resting.
Sending the warmest of hugs to you, you are a dear, dear friend.

Craftyanny said...

gorgeous as usual May, I must give these a try
Anne x

Polly Pierce said...

brilliant roundies May

so when you buy these flowers - do you then take them to bits and put them together again????

will have a go at that - always seeing them in pound shops but think they are a bit tacky but for crafting"!!!! wot a great idea - thanks x

MayJay said...

Yes Polly, I do pull them apart. I agree that they can look tacky but if you look at them you can usually tell which ones will be fine for crafting. Have a look at the backs and see if they just lift off the stems, then gently pull the centres and remove them.I discard the back and front centres and use brads or gems instead.