Sunday, 31 May 2009

male cards

A couple of male cards for a change.


Cheryl said...

oh these are great hun love the images and layouts, that foxglove is so beautiful I must take some pictures of my garden as it looks beautiful at this time of year love cheryl xxxxxxxx

June said...

He is great May you are so good at the colouring on the images. Its something i need to try
Hugs June xxx

June said...

May thanks also for your lovely comments on my work.
May i havent shared much about it on my blog but wanted to let you know, I am a little asthmatic at the moment still but ok other than that.
Adam has been told he is to get an operation on the anuerysm to coil it off. They sent a date last week. it will be four days after my birthday so the 18th of June at 8.50 am. He needs to go into the hosp on the 17th.
The good news is that the bp meds had been doubled but they seem to have at last brought his bp down a little bit which was the best news i have had all year :)
Anyway I dont really want to get into it on my blog but i did want to let you know.
Hugs June xxxxx

ps not sure if i have your email addy or i would email all this lol

LavenderCards said...

great male cards May
thanks for your comment.