Wednesday, 27 October 2010

No More Shims effects

I recently bought a No More Shims mat designed for use with the cuttlebug (and only the 'bug).
Here are some things I have been trying out. Orange square is a plastic stencil, blue is real lace, butterfly is a metal stencil. ivory is sequin waste and brown is a strip of lace.


sandra's crafty corner said...

oooh i really wqant one of these mats i thought they were expensive but seems well worth it, thanks for sharing may xxx

MayJay said...

They are not cheap, at £10 each, but they are amazing. Mine came from Once Upon A Stamp. We were visiting the shop and Gordon gave us a demo. They emboss thin coins too, but best done singly. I did 2 of very slightly different widths and snapped my C plate.

Cheryl said...

oh these look great hun,thanks for poping over to my blog hope you are well hugs cheryl xxxx